1. Windows
    We do all residential, retro fit and new construction styles, vinyl windows and some wood veneer options.
  2. Siding
    We specialize in residential vinyl siding. We offer a 20+ year warranty. We have over 30 colors to chose from.
  3. Financing
    Window and Siding financing options are available for FICO scores 540-850. 60 seconds to apply No effect on credit score.
Lender conditions apply.
Green Source Windows

Fund Your Project with our Special Financing

We believe every homeowner deserves consideration for their need to improve their homes environment, value, and efficiency.  So we have partnered with the very best in lending institutions who value the same concerns. 

Green Source Inc. and its' many lending partners consider FICO applications ranging from 540 to 850, This allows us to fund more homeowners for their home improvement needs and reward those with excellent credit with fantastic programs ranging from low interest to deferred interest, and no payment durations as well as long-term FIXED rate loans.   


Foam-Filled Vinyl 
Foam has an R6 insulation value,
versus R1 for Added Energy Savings 
Green Source vinyl windows products are built for energy efficiency. Combined with energy efficient glass options like Low-E and Argon, foam-filled vinyl brings an added dimension of savings by reducing the amount of heat displacement through the vinyl itself.

Green Sources' manufactures' foam-fill process uses a unique low-density foam that has minimal expansion qualities, so there is no risk of bowing or breaking to the window (unlike our competitors).

We can insert foam in every chamber of the vinyl where drainage is not needed.

In one example, foam filled vinyl reduces U-value from .24 to .22, an 8% thermal improvement. 

GREEN SOURCE Inc. Has All Product Lines Available with Foam-Filled Vinyl
Note* All of our vinyl windows and patio doors can be configured with foam-filled vinyl.   

R5 Triple Pane Windows and Patio Doors 
R5 is Eco-Friendly Energy Efficiency
R5 insulation rating = U-value .20

Common Energy Star windows and patio doors only have an R rating of 3. This series is designed with an R rating of 5 for the ultimate in energy efficiency.

How Much Difference Does an Energy Efficient Window Make?
Heat and cold transfer through windows causes approximately 30% of heating and cooling energy costs nationally. That is an annual 4.31 quadrillion BTU of energy consumption.

R5 = U-Value .20

U-value is the rate of heat flow through a window; the lower the value, the better the insulating quality. Most commonly the U-value is used to measure a window's total insulating value. Rvalue is the resistance of a material to heat flow; the higher this number, the better the insulating value.

15 replacements with exterior wraps our home in Apple Valley looks amazingly good.
Had the siding done too. Love the color and the work. Thank you.
Sandy Feltus